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The most important gift that we bestow upon our youth is “Education” and it is our greatest responsibility to do so. We consider it our bound duty in INDO SUNRISE GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS to ensure that every pupil in our charge is educated to the fullest extent of his/her capability and is prepared academically, morally and socially to take his/her place in society with his/her best prospect of success and fulfillment. It is our task to bring together the influence necessary to make this happen in every case-good teaching, responsible parenthood, caring and social leadership to make sure that every student is correctly assessed for potential and fully developed.

As Roger Levin said “Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve”. We believe that achievement in education and establishment the prime objective results. The ultimate achievement is every single student is given care to bestow his/her efforts.

I look forward to work with the whole staff of ISRI to meet the challenges and assignments, promise you my dedicated application to go ahead.

Mr. Riyaz Khan