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Dr. P. SARULAKSHMI, Senior Principal (CBSE)

M.A., M.Ed., M.A. (Philo), M.Phil. MBA (EM), Ph. D, M.Sc. App, DSLM

“Observation more than books, experiences more than persons are the prime educators”.

Every possibility exists for one who intends to uncover what lies within. If we discover our inner self, every dream would become a possibility, every fortune would become conceivable and every fear would become conquerable. There are immense possibilities for those who dare to dream and turn those dreams into reality. Our ISRI, CBSE is one such happy place where students and faculty grow together and realize their potential.

Today the role of school is not to pursue academic excellence but to empower the students with experimental learning to become lifelong learners and to provide them with an atmosphere for self discovery by allowing them to be creative, observant and curious. Thus ISRI is an institution which is child centric, encourages its students to channelize their potential in pursuit of excellence.


The school functions and all the activities are a microcosm of an ideal world order. It is a culmination of multiple & diverse energies brought together to create a rich and aesthetic experience with a deep spiritual message of harmony and peaceful co-existence. With this thought in mind we aim to give the best school experience by continually investing in new and existing facilities, training, technology and services. We set high standards and expect the best for and from our students.

We are confident that in this new session also the programmes for enhancement of teaching methodologies of teachers, enriching the minds of students through activities and a meaningful partnership with parents will take us to great heights. Curriculum at ISRI has been driven by the needs of its students and will continue to be so in times to come.