To instill in pupils the art of self-discipline, self-governance, and team spirit four houses are constituted. Education brings out the innate talents of the child, so we give as many opportunities as possible to every student to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. This will help the child to improve and enhance his/ her various talents and aptitude and also inculcate in him/her a spirit of healthy competition. It will also teach him/her to be a more disciplined and organized individual. To promote healthy and competitive spirit among the school children, we have Inter-House Competitions conducted under the guidance of the Principal and House Coordinators. The students are given an opportunity to participate in various house activities.

Dance, karate and yoga to ensure a sound mind in a sound body and also teach the relevance of ancient practices to our tech savvy generation of today.

Students’ Life Organization in association with the teachers to organize school events, charity fund raising, educational tours, nature camp , inter and intra school competitions, games and sports and much more.

Art, Craft, Music, Theatre and photography clubs to help students discover their passion and talent so that they are groomed to the next higher levels.

Unparalleled sports zone and arena to produce champions in various sports disciplines like Badminton, Handball, Volley ball, Hockey, Basket ball, Cricket, Tennis, Football, Horse Riding and skating. Other sports are also encouraged. World class swimming pool to keep students fit and train them as future champions.