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The school has a fleet of twenty buses serving a majority number of children from different localities. The school provides transportation for the benefit of students. The students can avail this facility after they agree to the terms and conditions


       Students will board and alight only at fixed pickup and dropping points. Parents and children should not ask the driver or attendant to stop the buses at unauthorized points. School bus pickup and drop once fixed will not be changed during the year.

       Parents are not permitted to change the pickup and dropping points, without prior permission in writing.

       The school expects the students who avail the school bus facility:

1.     To be punctual.

2.     To be polite to the fellow students and the transport Staff.

3.     Not to stretch his / her head or hand out of the bus.

4.     To avoid nudging, screaming, rushing, using foul language and bad behavior will not be tolerated by the school authorities.

5.     The school authorities shall cancel the bus facility for the student on account of such misbehavior.

       In the event of the child not present at the stipulated point at the scheduled time, the bus shall not wait for the child. It will be the responsibility of parent or guardian to drop the child at school. In the event of drop if there being no one to receive the child at the stop of the return journey the child will be brought back to the school and the parents can pick up their children from the school authorities on producing the Identity card.

       The parents have to make necessary arrangements at Pick up & Drop Points to escort their children to the bus stop at the time of boarding and alighting.

       Whenever a student using the school bus is taken home by private transport, the bus in-charge / bus driver and the class teacher must be informed.

       No parent / guardian is authorized to withdraw the name of their ward from the transport service in the middle of the term. leaving oral information with the driver will not be accepted. The school office may be contacted for any further information.