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An essential component of the schooling experience is the environment in which learning occurs. ISRI is cognizant of the essentiality of a serene atmosphere for the whole some development of students and offers a conducive learning environment. The takes pride in its ability to provide all accoutrements of learning within the confines of lush green environment. Well ventilated spacious classroom with panoramic window views and recreational facilities the campus meets the CBSE norms in terms of hard and soft infrastructure. Smart boards, labs, embarked boundaries for various skills, basket ball, volley ball court, skating etc. 

Our Motto: - School with a difference.


v Manage with information and metrics.

v Agility and adaptability

v Honesty integrity and ethical practices.

v Attitude before knowledge.

v Team work

v Mentor, coach and make difference.

v Ambience for learning.

v Refreshing green environment

v Creative education plan

v Loving and caring atmosphere

v Wide and varied curriculum

v Leadership role

v A complete career path

v Student care and counseling

v Amazing extra-curricular activities

v Well experienced teaching faculty

v Centralized AC with smartboard facility

v A platform to pursue your sporting and academic dreams

v Wholesome personality development of students